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Fish hands!

Well I suppose forcing myself to be ambidextrous at a young age has had it's benefits. Like right now for example. Makes it a helluva lot easier to use the mouse without changing the button layout. I actually tried that and it didn't work too well. Forgot what I was doing and would start going and clicking around like it was right-handed again. I really shouldn't be typing right now. I can imagine it's not too good for my wrist. My hand smells gross, like hospital. And it feels like a fish. So cold. If it's not doing better tomorrow I'm going to have mom call a consulting nurse or something. See what they say to do about it.

I went into the operating room watching return of the living dead on my zune. They let me take since I was just getting a block and they weren't planning on knocking me out. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, thought it was hilarious that that's what I was watching. :) One of the guys joked how they were probably going to stop the operation halfway through and start watching it with me. I think it would have been even funnier if I had gone in there watching saw.

And I'm going to shift here for the second and a bit.

I do not like medicines. I have an ingrained fear of SOMEONE intentionally overdosing. The someone who has tried it before and still thinks on it every-so-oft. I do not think the doctors realized that when they gave that someone as many of the medicines as they did. They gave her thirty. Thirty for pain one would not feel and they did not expect she would have. Imbeciles. Now I am forced into fear until they are gone. I do not think anyone realizes how dangerous she still is, and will probably always be. That is all I have want to say.