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1) Remove a beer coaster from your local bar.
2) Carefully split the beer coaster top and bottom.
3) Insert a $10 bill and reseal.
4) Return to bar.
5) Place beer coaster under glass.
6) Wait for the bar to get extremely busy.
7) Discuss in a VERY LOUD voice the adverts on TV and in the papers which says Brewery X have hidden 10 bills in their coasters.
8) Keep arguing about whether it's true or not until everyone in the bar knows what you're talking about.
9) Tear open some beer coasters; look depressed.
10) Partially tear open the one with the 10 bill in it.
11) Shout, "I've won ! I've won", and wave the tenner still wedged in the beer coaster around.
12) Watch every coaster in the bar get destroyed.