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Why does this shit always happen?

I said I wanted and was going to be a selfish bitch this week and with the help of james, today I've done exactly that. Yay me.

Apparently charlene wanted me to work today so she could go to the temple and do sealings and asked my mom on sunday if she could relay that message to me. SO... today comes along and charlene calls and asks if mom could drop me off at her house at noon. Oops. Someone forgot to relay the message to me and as of yesterday afternoon I had plans. Mom told charlene that and she responded with, "I don't expect her to break her plans for me." Guilt trip much? So, I went upstairs, downstairs and everywhere to get away from my mom who was following me around like todd does to her (and I'm not sure why she was doing it) and talked to james about it. He got to make the major final decision for me what I was going to do. Asked me not to have him do it, and why, and I told him it was because I'm a bitch and if he didn't then I would just stay home and I wouldn't go down there and I wouldn't go to work. Solve everyone's f*ing problems. And thus, desicions were made.

I'm just very angry about the whole situation and it's making me miserable. Either way you slice it I'm fucking someone over, myself most of all. I know how important the temple crap is. My mom is doing it today as well. But what upsets me most is it seems like the days that james has off and asks me to come down end up being the only days I am asked to work during the week. So that is why I really don't want to work today most of all.

I knew this was going to happen. I knew that because I can't work tomorrow something was going to come up today. And I was correct.

Mother fucking cosmos. I am not laughing.

Picture of the day: Smile baby.