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Sep. 11th, 2007

Well that was fun. I got off at 3:15 today. Carson was a pain in the ass and I didn't see him most of the day because he spent most of the day indoors and away from everyone. He was swearing like a mo-fo. I was across the god-damn yard, over by the swings and I heard him in the playhouse over 20 feet away, under the fucking table with spencer, say fuckhead-shit. O.o Apparently it's his dad's fault. Needless to say it got him sent in the house for the rest of the outside time and spencer was sent to the picnic table for repeating what carson said. And then during lunch he hit me and was swearing some more so I told him that he was done and sent him in the front room with chris. Before I left for the day I asked him to please have a better day tomorrow and stop swearing and start listening.

So, tomorrow I have my pre-op appointment up in tacoma. Friday I go in for the surgery and then I'm back again on the 25th to make sure everything has gone well.

Picture of the day: Algun dia estallara...