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Ok, so after transferring 50 dollars into my savings, I have no money left to spend this month. All that's left is there for emergencies. I'm not even really sure how much I have at this point exactly since I spent 50-some odd last night on the replacement psp shell. Waited too long and had to spend more than I am comfortable with on it. Got it from coolmods.co.uk. They have some pretty neat stuff there and I may end up getting a case-mod for my wii one of these days. I would want to install lights in it too though if I did that. ANYWAY, yeah. Spent too much, don't have any more, can't get the classic controller like I was hoping to this month. Oh well. It can wait. Everything waits.

Layton has to pick up james later today. I thought it was at 6, but I wasn't sure so I asked and found out it was at 5. Now I have to tell layton that when he calls and hope he's not working until 5 himself. If he is I could just ask him to bring james up here though or something. The new psp's are coming out today and james was going to get one, so I have to give him a game. And some corms. But that's totally unrelated. He wanted loco-roco. Cute game. :)

I have to make more arm-warmers, but mom stashed the machine somewhere.

Me hopeses the mails come soon. x.x

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