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Well that's one thing settled.

Very unhappily settled, but settled nonetheless. Instead of getting that tattoo this month I will instead tomorrow be going out to get an external hard drive for storage. So that's one issue down. Had asked layton earlier if his offer was still up but I am going to assume now that it no longer is. He won't say yes and he won't say no. He says, "I'll think about it," and then gets mad when I ask if he has and he hasn't. I asked him again today and ended up getting mad over the phone because he said "I don't know if it would work with the stuff you want to use it for," instead of no. IT'S A FUCKING HARD DRIVE AND I WANT TO USE IT FOR STORAGE BECAUSE I CAN'T STORE ALL THIS CRAP, I now have over 5 gigs stored on this tiny, slow, and already cramped for space (thx finley) 30 gig computer, ON THIS PIECE OF SHIT. So no tattoo for carrie. And if he had just said no I wouldn't be going through this aggravation right now.

I've been screaming a lot today. Going for anyone's throat that gets in my way. It always gets so crappy when liz 'comes home.' She's had her ass planted in front of the tv since she's gotten here. And I'm going through the worst panic attack I've had in a very long time. I can't breath, everything in my head is exploding, pulse is going 5000 miles a minute and I can't shut up. I. Don't. Know. What. To. Do. Just how to panic.

And you know you're bored when you go channel surfing to see which one has the best static. Am I certifiable yet?

Picture of the day: Mona Pixel II