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I* - *I <--- Cassette Tape

Isis tired. Yesterday my mom woke me up with a text telling me I had to work today. It upset me kinda because I already had plans. So I called and unhappily canceled on james. He ended up calling me an hour or so later to tell me he was going in for that other job interview anyway though and then asked if I wanted to come down then. So yeah, I did. Made me feel a little better about everything. Things happen the way they do for a reason.

And then I went to work today and... fuck. I was only expecting to work an hour while charlene went to get her nails done, and then to be able to go home and watch most of the rest of azumanga, but one hour turned into 2 turned into 6 and I didn't get off until 4:30. I expected to go home when she got back, and then I expected she was going to send me home at lunch, during nap time I pretty much gave up on the idea and ended up walking with kyler outside. Kyler is, or rather was, the only baby left there (as of today he's gone) and is cutting teeth so he was very fussy (he's always fussy and I know damn well that's just an excuse everyone else was using) when he wasn't being held and when he was around more than the person holding him. So we walked around outside. Saw the chickens and goose, the cow, and I walked around exploring more of their property while looking for bunnies. And then we went out back and I sat on the swing with him until he fell asleep. THAT is really why he was so irritable. He didn't want to go to sleep. Damn babies. Don't make sense.

James called me later, and when he heard everyone he asked if it was a bad time, (if I'm outside it's never a bad time) to tell me how his interview went and when he heard the kids screaming on the swings in the background he started cracking up laughing. And that is pretty much what I deal with every damn time I go in. :) No big deal. Kids will be kids and they can't do that inside, he wasn't sure what to make of it though. May be why he found it so amusing. Right as I was getting off the phone with him, I turned away for half a second I swear, maddy ended up under tyler's swing. Freaked me the fuck out so I made them both get off until I was done with the phone and could figure out what the hell had just happened. Tyler thought he was in trouble, but I told him no he wasn't, that just scared me. Apparently maddy did the exact thing I have asked her to NOT do 50-million times in the past; at least 5 or 6 times every time we go outside; and grabbed tylers swing as he was going. Lucky for me and everyone else no one got hurt. Narrow miss.

Work today put me in a pink floyd mood. I never listen to floyd. Srsly. I can count on one hand the times I've listened to him before. Twice. The only reason I have dark side of the moon in the first place was because I had layton burn it for me (thank god for that) after watching it over the wizard of oz. That was the first time. And the second was shortly after that. I the proceeded to stick it in my cd case and didn't touch it again until I was fixing up my zune. Half the time I didn't even remember what the cd was, which was kinda funny because you would think that would have caused me to toss it, but I just ignored it thinking one day I would figure it out and probably want to listen to it again. There's only one thing wrong with this though. It makes me want to smoke. :\

Not out tonight because I knew I would be too tired. When layton came over I was in the process of falling asleep and had to wake myself up for the 45 minutes he was here. He brought me over a veggie sub cuz I called and asked him if he had any. I was hungry. After he left I watched 1 episode of dvd-supposed-to-watch and fell asleep for a half an hour right at the ending of it. If I had gone out tonight it would have ended up just like the last time I went to the mercury. I abandoned him at midnight to go back to his car and zone out in the back seat. The mercury's irish coffee's suck, but then I guess I've never been much of a coffee person.

Didn't get paid, charlene is going to bring by everything tomorrow because she forgot to do it last night. The only good thing about the long hours today is I got full fucking pay. My background check FINALLY came in... a month and a half later. Fuckers. Oh yeah... tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to go visit my grandma kuder who has come up from arizona. :) Never see her, I wonder how much older she looks now. Dragging layton along with. On sunday lizzie is coming back. God my brain is fried. I've consistently forgotten and remembered that at the most random of times.

Oh! And I've finally gotten my library fine paid off. After much neglect of it. ^_^ I'm all sorts of proud of myself now. Almost thought I forgot my library card number.

Picture of the day: phobik v2 remixed