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I'd hit it.

Darrell was extremely drunk and being down on himself so we, layton, rian, mike and I, took him home. He convinced himself, and was trying to convince me, at one point that I was a goddess since I wouldn't let him go and wouldn't leave him alone. Kept asking why I was there holding him up and hanging around. Knows I'm more than I seem. Thought that rian was one too. She and mike got their drinks there that they missed out on earlier in the day before the noc noc. Layton wanted to go and just take me home. Fucking weird because he usually wants to stay out all day and all night. Or at least that's what he does when I'm not there. Anyway, we did that and ended up staying the night. Layton slept on the couch, rian and mike on a tiny cot that I helped take out of the storage room, and I slept with darrell in the bed after I was able to drag him away from his drink and to it. And so no one were to get weird about it, his apartment is a studio so everything is in the same room... and that's all anyone did, sleep. He has cares about his friendship with layton too much anyway. Professed that many a time while I tried to convince him nothing would happen. Wouldn't let it. I've got a lot of respect for the guy, not many males are like that. Always refreshing to find and I wouldn't push it any further than I did. He's so sweet and it's so sad that he doesn't have a girlfriend who is deserving of his affections and great weirdness. His ex just moved out a bit ago and I guess she was a real bitch. In the morning his phone alarm went off twice, once at 7:30, woke rian and I up so we ended up talking until it was time for everyone to go, and the second time at 9. I woke him up the second time and told him if he didn't get up I was going to dump a mountain on him. It worked, he sat up and was saying all sorts of crazy shit (and how he didn't want me to dump a mountain on him) most of which I couldn't understand but it made rian and I giggle, before I told him to go back to just go back to sleep. Talking with rian was fun. She's totally awesome and gave me a perfume sample called ladon from black phoneix alchemical laboratory. It smells soooo good. :P I'm going to try and get some of my own.

Before we all left at 10:30 he thanked me for spending the night with him because 'it's been awhile since he's had someone to snuggle up with and it was nice' as he put it. That made me very sad to hear. He also thought it was a bit curious that he was able to get the cot down and I told him he didn't, I did. Mike was talking on the walk back about how hard it was for him to hear darrell the way he was talking last nite and he told us how he [mike] watched darrell conversing with a girl, after he got up the guts and asked mike how, at the bar and how everything was going great until he asked how old she was. An understandable question, I would want to know how old someone is too, but women are so fucking sensitive about being asked their age. Those women problems really hit him hard.

On the way home I asked layton if he could stop at gamestop because I wanted to talk to james. I picked up Hotel Dusk while I was there, it's been fun so far and a nice break from puzzle quest. Games like that, with the repetitive and stuff can get into my head and make me feel schizo if I play them for too long. Even solitare can, but it's a lot harder for solitare to do that then bejeweld and minesweeper. So layton did that and I was able to talk to james. He said he was ok about everything but I saw him stiffen up and he called me later partly for a ride and to get kinda upset. Tried to explain everything in my bumbling way, but in the end it was the long story of almost everything that went on and why. I'm really not sure how well that's fixed things.

Oh, and I didn't throw up, but I did get pretty damn close. :)

Picture of the day: treat me like a lady