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I want a butterfinger bar.

Out of bordom and annoyance I created another myspace account. Or rather I tried, failed numerous times (due to my computer being a failure) and then got layton to create it for me. <3 Had some stuff I wanted to play with and didn't want to hijack a profile to do so. And by a profile I mean laytons, because he wouldn't appriciate that too terribly much. I know his stuff. He knows mine too, no big deal. I used to check up on his stuff and help him edit his profile. Anyway, I made another one, learned the basics of what I wanted to know and eventually it may go to my cat. But now it's nothing. Like I said, I'm bored. And my claws are itchy, but I won't go into that any. Meow, meow, meow.

I want to take carlas face and bash it into the corner of a hard and pointy brick wall until all that's left is pulpy and bloody hair and skull. Unidentifiable masses of crap. She would totally deserve it. Mew, mew, mew.


Absinthey tomorrow. Layton and I didn't go out tonight because he'll be working tomorrow. He picked up james from work at 9.

Still itchy.

Have I ever mentioned I can't make pudding to save my life? I always fuck up somehow. Last time I made it on the stove hoping it would somehow turn out differently but nope. I burnt it. When I microwave it, it's usually too liquidy and doesn't mix together right. FUCK PUDDING! Cookies work I guess. Still have to do that sometime tonight. But o wait, we have no eggs. *cry* I iz failures extreme.

Picture of the day: Summer Rhapsody