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Oh god, what a weird day. I got to work late, very late. 11:30 late. Was supposed to go in at 7:30 but I had woken up at 4 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep until it was time to go. Only in this job at this point can I get away with that. Anyway, I had to ask my grandpa for a ride to work and the car ended up stalling out twice on the way there for some reason. Grandpa thinks it's because the fuel injector is fucked up. Made me think that maybe I wasn't supposed to go in today, but eventually I got there. When I did I told charlene that I hadn't been feeling well and got a couple extra hours of sleep to make sure I was ok and then asked her if there was anything I could do to help. She said yes and I helped with lunches. I imagine the excuse flew pretty well because not even 10 minutes after I got there maddy puked all over crismen, who being the drama queen that he is, started shrieking. It was so fucking funny to hear him. He's such a damn baby. Apparently she and tyler are both sick and that got them sent home. Anyway yeah. I got a hug from carson when I came in. That was nice. I see him so very little and I miss him when he's not there, the little creep. :)

Tomorrow I have to make james cookies. Made a promise I would last night, and he asked me to wednesday afternoon when I was visiting because he thinks they're nice. I had taken him a couple. To be nice. Um, I also have to make, what has become, the third 'arm-thingie' as he likes to call them, since the second one went missing. Didn't fucking go anywhere... and I've looked everywhere. Sonofabitch.

And on that subject, why the fuck does layton ask about crap he and I both know he doesn't want to know about? It makes me mad because it's so very hard to say anything at all. A simple answer just isn't enough. He continually presses for all the information that will get him upset so half the time I'm forced to plead the 5th and refuse to answer. He's one sadistic bastard. Swear to god it gets him off, now if he could just admit it to himself. Except I know that's not true. He just uses it as ammunition to use towards himself as why he's such a lame person and blahblahblah. Got into a not so great one sided thing with him yesterday where I pointed out his stubbornness and looking like crap versus, trying to put an effort into taking care of his appearance, plays a major part in his self-esteem issues and why he can't get laid. He's had how many people now point out that his apperance isn't always the best? And he still denies it. We live in a society where individual ego is ALWAYS in conflict with the group dynamic. (it took me so long to understand that) And no matter how many times he denys and fights against it, it won't change. It just doesn't look good when you don't take care of yourself. Turn off, not on layton. It's disgusting.

Me: You look like a bum, go shave.
Layton (hurt): No I don't.
Me: That's what, two weeks of growth?
Layton: Yeah, about that.
Me: You look like a hobo, go shave.

Jeeze. Listen to me. It's like I have a thing for pretty boys all of the sudden. *gag*

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