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Summer is almost over and I still have yet to do any of the things I wanted to, and that's all of what, 2? Wanted to go camping with alcohol, s'mores and hot dogs and go fly a kite on a beach somewhere (so I don't get it tangled in all the fucking power lines 'round here). I can understand it being hard to go camping because that actually takes time and planning, but fly a kite? It's a fucking kite for christs sake.

I need a damn kite (the original one fell through, very upsetting, and I never got around to ordering another) anyone willing to donate one to the cause? I'll try and bring it back all in one piece, but I promise nothing.

I have to work in the morning so I imagine I should be in bed right now. Fudge. I really hope I don't end up crying there again. That was so bad.

Ummm... I love x-files. It's delicious. Mostly.

Picture of the day: 15000 Ducks