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I still hate your guts you know

Ok's, I gots a buncha shit to say between the headaches but I don't know how much I'm going to be able to get down. Got really drunk earlier in the day off vodka and oj, when I did the earlier post, and now I feel like crap. Have a waking hangover and it seems like no matter how much water I drink, it won't go away. So sad for me. I'm gonna be sick. Anyway, that earlier, that was me venting, I didn't actually send any of that to her. I was nice and just asked what exactly she remembered from that period in her life. She responded with "I remember being a stupid lying bitch and that I took Allen from you. I was a real big bitch till about the time I was 20. Got in a abusive relationship and when I got out I had a big wake up call." Indeed you were. So now what do I say? Congratulations? Maybe what goes around comes around. At least she has good spelling skills. Can't gripe about that.

While I was drunk, right before layton started playing spartan total warrior again I made him take me to gamestop and I got god of war. He wasn't happy to leave the house but did it anyway. :)

The fact that I have to work tomorrow made drinking today really REALLY stupid. But fuck that girl pisses me off so bad. I hope I can function right.

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