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Aug. 16th, 2007

This is carla. The girl I quite fondly refer to as THAT girl because for the past 7 years now she has had no name and is as good as dead to me. Apparently she still lives in kent. The quote in her profile says "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned. Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." Rather ironic that she would quote that which she did. Further down we find Who was your first love?: Allen Nagy and I will always love him in my own way At one this morning I got a message from her. It says -

Hi. How are you doing? Sorry for the random message but I was searching for friends I used to know when I was in school and I saw your picture and you look a lot like the Carrie I knew back in 2000-2001 that went to KM. I also noticed to went to KM so I thought I would give it a shot. But anyways I tend to ramble a lot do you remember someone named Carla Sherwin I hung out with Josh and Ivan thanks to you befriending me. If this is the Carrie that knew me then I want to say I truly am sorry for anything I did to you. Well hey if you want e-mail me back and if i did do anything to make you mad at me feel free to tell me to fuck off if you want.

Well have a great day, night, whatever it may be when you read this.

Carla Sherwin

Of course I don't remember you. Carla who? You're just some random face on some random page in the yearbook right? Oh wait, I think I might be recalling who it was you were... you are THAT girl.

I know you're a fucking drunk ass alcoholic, apparently some things never change, but has it really gotten so bad that it's killed off all your braincells in the memory department? ARE YOU FUCKING BRAIN DEAD?! You stupid ass SLUT! I should hunt you down and BEAT YOUR FUCKING FACE IN WITH A CROWBAR. Wouldn't be too hard considering you supposedly still live around here. No, you didn't do me any wrong while we were 'friends'. Not like you did anything that might be, oh, I dunno... unforgivable? I mean, jesus, you only threatened to kill ivan when he broke up with you for being insane, tried to steal every boyfriend I had during the period I knew you, slept with my fucking fiancée, TOLD ME ABOUT IT AND THEN CLAIMED TO BE PREGNANT WITH HIS KID. Oh, and at one point you tried to assist in my suicide, but I really don't think anyone minds that. But I got alcohol from it so I guess we're all good right? Yeah-fucking-right.

So how long did it take for your drunk ass to find me on here anyway. And what the fuck made you think that it would be fucking ok to message me? I'm sorry I didn't forget what you did like you seem to think I did, but that really was unforgivable of you. You fucked allen while I was engaged to him and you knew it. You claimed to be pregnant with his kid. I have no idea who's kid it was that you had at the time; if you had any at all which I highly doubt you did since you, I can't remember what exactly it was you said happened, was it got hit by a car, lost it from too much drinking, or maybe it was drunk and got hit by a car; but I know it wasn't with is. Didn't you know he's sterile from all those drugs he's done over the years? It's funny though, I still hear from him. Who did he come back to? ME. Why? Because he loved ME, NOT YOU. But then I guess some demons have that skill.

There was a reason your dumb ass had no friends in high school. I'm shocked that you don't know why. It's because you're cursed. Your welcome by the way. You betrayed everyone who tried to befriend you. You should have killed yourself when you had the chance and hey, you still do so get to it. Chop, chop little girl. Time is ticking and it's not on your side. You know, I tried to be friends with you. I really did, but you were just too much. I have never met a person as stupid and self centered as you are.

Give me one good god damn fucking reason why I should forgive you and maybe I'll think about it for two seconds before turning you down and cursing you further. Or maybe I'll fake it, accept and do to you what you did to me. :) What comes around goes around after all.