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Am I suffocating right?

I'm not feeling so good right now. Very nervous and anxious. Pile that on top of the minimal crap I've had to eat today and I feel like I'm going to throw up. It's not nice in the slightest. Wish I could say why... but I don't ever talk to anyone who it doesn't involve. I'm paranoid and don't want anyone to feel hurt. I'm so scared right now, and I have nowhere to turn. Neuroticfish fucking fits right now and I hate it. Oh second bloggy, I love you and your public privacy. *sigh*

Last night I found out that tyler has broken the pokemon stylus james gave to me. I was unhappy to to put it mildly. And last night was just interesting. Some idiots were having a dispute in the parking lot of the place where I usually sit. I sort of was forced into an involvement of the stupid people when I was leaving to go to james'. It was weird. The officer, when I was leaving, stopped me and forced me to turn around and go back to talk to him. I didn't like that in the slightest. Asked what I was doing (someone thought that I was staring at them while I was playing my ds and on the phone), if I was the one who called it in, did I have any idea what was going on... blahblahblah. Minding my own damn business, nope, nope. He tried to do a background check on me, cuz they always have to do that, but it never ended up coming through so he just sent me on my way. We had a wonderful nice chat. Asked if I had any guns, knives, bombs or nuclear devices on me (as a joke because some people take offense to 'do you have any weapons on you') and for whatever reason he asked if my ds was an iphone when he saw it. That's the second time I've had someone do that to me, ask if my ds was a phone. Said no and then proceeded to explain why I would never get one. The big reason being that I don't like how apple has sold it's soul. He asked if I worked in electronics and then seemed surprised and laughed when I told him "No, I work at a daycare." :) Yet another case of don't judge a book by it's cover. Just because I look funny... James came out to rescue me in case my story of why I was there needed validation. Thankfully it didn't and he didn't even have to cross the road.

While I was at james place today I made him call that girl he's told me about, funny... I don't know her name, and he made me leave the room while he did. Something-discomfort. Didn't mind, I can understand. :) Got to watch him play lolo too. Cute game. Sort of helped him a few times when he would get stuck if I could see how it should go or would go better. He was telling me that I should bring my wii down there sometime and he would put some games on it for me. Might be nice, would probably get me to use it more, but I don't know how comfortable I would be with him paying for it. Err. In the end it will always be whatever floats. I wouldn't stop him from doing it.

Layton let me fall asleep when I got home. Dunno why he does that so much. It means I see less of him during the day. But fuck me, Spartan Warrior-whatever is stupid and boring. Half the time it's not making any sense whatsoever. Finley rented it and layton has been playing it. I woke up to him tagging the faces of some guy on posters and heard the women saying something about a woman warrior and how it was giving them ideas. Uh, you fucked who now? God-fucking-damn. That game has me so bothered I told layton I would get him god of war.

I really love The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. It's such a sweet poem.

Still waiting for the DVD converter. It's bothering me a lot that it's taken so long to get it. Fucking paypal. Now everything is cleared up and I'm going to have to write him again.

Picture of the day: Flowers in a Vase