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So I had hoped to break the monday posts I've been having over the past few weeks, but I didn't mean by making one on tuesday. Ha. :d I've just been so fucking tired over the weekend I can't do shit. Srsly. Zombie. I can smell your braaaains.

August 14th for Carrie
Your mind is apt to be so strong right now that it can insist on leading the way. Your heart might have to take a back seat for a little while, but soon it can sing again, my dear.
My intuition tells me you are in a strange state of mind thinking and feeling intensely about vaguely spiritual matters that normally don’t bother you. Your thoughts are very deep today.
Sudden surprises and invitations can arise now. But don't spend all your time on them, my dear. It can't be all fun and games right now. Other, more important matters await you.

As of yesterday the week of work I'd been doing is done and I'm not sure when I'm going to be going back in. Expect friday, but it's never been officially announced so... yeah. I'm happy to have this break for however long it is. Especially since it's THAT week. Yeah. I almost wasn't able to work yesterday because of it. I told tyler and maddy, who were on the swings, and everyone that if they could keep from harassing me physically since I was 'sick' that I would stay. And they agreed. The amazing part though was that they actually did it and didn't too much. Tyler started bugging me later wanting to know what kind of sick I was. I told him to ask his mom because she gets it. He thought I meant headaches, proably because I've been having more than a few of those of late and he knows it.

Tyler's birthday was over the weekend. He's 7 now and his parents got him a psp, so now I officially know that it's ok for him to play whatever random portable electronics I happen to be carrying with me. It made me wonder if they were planning on getting him one before, or if tyler's dad seeing him playing mine, and getting horribly excited, was what made them do it. I dunno. He asked me to write down the name of gurumin on a piece of paper so that he can get his parents to get it for him.

I did get to find out what chi-chi bing-ling stands for. Apparently it's not that at all, it's chitty-chitty bang-bang. Oh goodie. London, you've made me hate that movie. And I don't want to. Also, carson hates my tattoo and I don't care.

I'm in some weird mood today. I think it's the mns-ing that's done it, though most women got cranky I thought. Been listening to all the stuff in the front of my cd case. From back in the day. It's some fantastic. *cough* Not really, but it's nice. Going to go visit james later on tonight. And I'm not going to drink in the between time. HOLY CRAP! That's a first. Just don't feel like getting any sort of intoxicated. Weird. Instead I want to... SMOKE! :) Eh, maybe that will change later.

Friday didn't quite end up like layton and I expected. I guess tess and matt are out of town so we didn't get to see them. So instead of going over to matt's house we just picked up roz and came back to mine. Didn't do much. It's my house though, and nothing ever happens here. Because it's boooring! Yup. It's all true.

Picture of the day: PILOT