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Apparently while mirapex helps relieve restless legs syndrome, it also gives you an increased urge to gamble and have sex? Those are some funny side effects. :) I wonder if they're worth it though. Hmmm. I'd like to not have restless legs anymore, but not if I want to gamble.

All done now with my certification crap. My weekends are mine again to do with what I will. I'm sure it will feel nice when I actually go out again. Right now I don't feel shit. I'm tired. The class when on much longer than it was supposed to, like I expected, due to translating and videos. I got so fucking bored. Didn't eat lunch there. Everyone kept asking, aren't you going to eat? Especially mom. I just tried to ignore it. I couldn't move and started shaking really bad. Almost had a panic attack. It felt really bad and I'm glad I won't ever have to do that again. Not anytime soon anyway, and even then it will only be 10 hours.

My head hurts.

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