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Haaa-fuck. I'm so damn tired.

I couldn't get off work soon enough today. Tyler wouldn't stop attacking and harassing me today. *YAWN* Stole my jewelry, got me to put MY sunscreen on him and carson, finally cornered me into letting him sit on my lap when I was on the swing, something paige started and I had previously been unwilling to do with him due to his size and I'm still not happy about it, made me show him how to write lists and make lists with him (he used up half my notebook it seems) tried to get me to read pokemon to him and I got tired of that really fast (what do I do next? what next?) and made me promise to make him a necklace for himself with one of my gears. Now I have to find a couple I'm willing to part with. One for him and one for his sister. At one point when everyone was outside he had me pinned against a fence, I have a burn on my elbow from my shirt, and at another he had latched himself onto BOTH my legs so I couldn't walk or leave to go home. Had to call finley over to get him off. Did I mention he's 6? Yeah. I'm surprised I didn't fall over and kill him when I did try to walk. After lunch he came and sat down on my lap when I was sitting in the chair with carson watching tarzan. I'd forgotten how much I dislike animated disney movies until all this, but what else is there? Eventually he moved behind me and started messing with my hair. He asked if I had a brush and hair tie, had to say no, cuz I didn't. He was braiding it and pinning it to my head and saying he was going to cut it. I told him no way and if he touched my hair with scissors he was dead meat. Told him he was evil and a pest.

Tyler, tyler, tyler. So much crap I can't list it all. I told layton about all the stuff and he said it sounded like tyler has one of those little kid crushes on me. Ewww, creepy! Not so much for creepy for him, but me thinking about it now as an older person... Well. Yeah. *wince* It's flattering, but nothx, thxneway.

I also got smacked in the face with a UFB (unidentified flying bug) when I was taking old wasps nests out from under the porch. "HOLY F-N SH!" Tried so damn hard not to curse while I was falling backwards and getting unnoticeable grass stains on my pants. That made tyler laugh a lot. I told him I was glad he found amusement from my emotional pain and that I was going to be scarred from life now.

I am now done. *bows and steps down*

Picture of the day: Butterfly