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Aug. 1st, 2007

Layton forgot to inform me yesterday that he was going to drive me down to james' house last night. Thought I was going to walk. So before that I thought I would have time to put something down in here. Nope. I r wraung. Oh well.

Layton wanted to go to best buy and I told him I wanted to tag along. To go shoe shopping. It was funny. I made him stay there with me for an hour and a half before I got a pair of boots and shoes. Needed them for work, but I'm still not sure they were the right choice. I hate shoe shopping. Boots are fine, I can easily walk in and then walk out again with what I want. But shoes... Ugh. I should get some converses. Those would probably work. *sigh* In the end I told layton to buy my shoes while I got myself some boots. I thought I was going to pay for them, but he did which confused the hell out of me. I just want something that works. After we got out, not even 5 minutes just like I expected, james called to get picked up from work. The expression on layton's face was priceless and I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. I think he wanted to kill me, but it was funny. At best buy he got 300 and I was able to get the first dvd and box of rozen maiden. :) Neat.

It was nice to be able to see james. I watched him play mario strikers. Interesting game. My phone started dying on me sometime in the morning though so I ended up having to shut it off and calling layton from james' later. Wasn't really too much of a problem. After layton picked me up he took me up to target where I was able to get a wall plug for my outlet upstairs. I expected it was going to cost 25 dollars or so, but I only ended up spending 7 or so. I've been so fed up with not having enough outlets next to my bed. Haven't had a light for awhile and I have to unplug the dvd player to use the wii and vice-versa. And now that's all fixed. Yayness.

On friday it's back to work again for another two weeks solid. Fuck. I'm so glad to have had today and tomorrow off. I don't know what I would do without it.

Picture of the day: Feel like myself again