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Eets shark week!

As bitchy and whiny as I am, life right now is good. :) I'll always find something to complain about. Anyway, got to see carson today. He gave me a hug when I distracted him from class and told me about his vacation to the beach. He was visiting his grandparents. It was nice to see him after the shit on the bus. When I was pushing him on the swings he told me I was really pretty. He's such a cutie.

Got paid today. 564 dollars, was only expecting 550 at most. I like the number 64. It's nice. I seem to come across that number a lot and it's usually good. Could probably call it lucky. Anyway, I got paid, mom found out that insurance for the car would be 693, with liability, 797 with lia and uim, for 6 months... I would be better off with a bike. I could get that exact same fucking insurance for twice the time. LAME! But I don't think I'm going to take the bus anymore thanks to shit that happened saturday. Fucking black kids. What is their problem?

And I been thinkin' for a bit now, if cuttlefishes weren't so damn hard to track down, I would love to go and tell him I've got a job now 'corrupting his precious children' now. Hahaha. :'D I checked my yahoo mail to see if there was anything new in the way of him, didn't go far beyond that, but I found out that he has a site now. It's currently down or whatever. So sad. /sarcasm

I want to go see the simpsons movie. Hella bad. I didn't care about it so much, I've never been able or allowed to watch it, until I saw the spider pig thing. That cracked me up and made me decide I want to waste my time and someone's money on it.

I've had a question I wanted to ask james, but I've continually forgotten and when I have remembered it's been too late. Whatever. Guess it doesn't matter.

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Aug. 14th, 2007 07:42 am (UTC)
I'm so glad that this job is working out for you! Tyler sounds like a cutie-pie. And having money of your own is always good. Yay!
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