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No complaints today!

How rare and exciting. It's the end of the work week, I don't have to be back there till monday, and monday only, layton is skipping out on the mercury tonight for me, I was able to complete my pokedex and ooky spooky came.

It's really great. ^_^ But I've already heard half the songs... Oh well, it's nice to have something to help me get used what I don't know on it. Ummm... I love voltaire. :D Got a skull ad for the blacksun festival 3 too. More crap to stick up on my walls. Sweet.

I might also be able to go out to the noc noc tomorrow night. I'm going to try and sleep as much as I can between everything, I guess I'm getting off at 3, not 6 like expected, will meet james at gamestop and we'll go from there. Hope it works. *crosses fingers*

Picture of the day: drinking crap