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Moms phone again

It's kinda funny how much text I'm ok with typing with my thumbs. Not why I'm doing this though, to say that.

I feel like shit and everyone has noticed. Mom woke me up late and pestered me all morning. Blew up at her. Forgot my wired at home because of it,the late up, and now I can't wake up.

Charlene asked me if I was ok. Told her I have an upset stomach,which is partly true. Left out the part where I'm depressed and stuff. She offered me food for breakfast, I ate some melon, half a toast and managed to miss by seconds seeing the construction workers knock down a huge evergreen in the lot across the street. That made my stomach hurt worse. Stupid construction fucks.

I need new shoes for work. Toss my bongo boots. Would be nice to find another pair, but I suppose I would have to take the time out to hunt. Something to do after I get my pay next friday. Hunt for new boots. Or shoes. Whatever.