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Quick post before bed.

I ended up down at james' house after work. A little after 4. Had gotten off of work at 3:30 and layton wasn't getting off until 5 so after a half an hour debate I called, asked if he was busy (which he wasn't) and got my mom to take me down there. It was nice. Got to talk to him about stuff that was supposed to be happening saturday. And I felt reeeely bad for being borderline retarded last night when he called. I can only hope that I'll get another day like today again tomorrow and that I'll be able to go down there again. It was nice to visit for a little bit. I need some adult company, these kids are killing off my brain cells. Get fucking shit like "chee-chee bing-ling, chee-chee bing-ling, I LOVE YOU!" Stuck in my head for days at a time.


London said shit today. It was pretty funny and I had to hide my amusement behind shock and send him in the kitchen with charlene. She got hella upset when she heard what she said. It was surprising to hear it from him though so that wasn't too hard. Dunno where he learned that from. Hope not from me because I try so fucking hard to watch my language around them when I get frustrated.

Ok, I needs to go to beds now. The trouble I had getting up this morning wasn't nice. Bye bye journal.

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