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I'm bored and trying not to get depressed because of it. Cable has been out for a week now. It's made me realize how much I depend on it to get me through my days. Crazy-stupid, but I have nothing else to do with my time. Layton never wants to do anything and I can't pester him too much otherwise he'll get mad at me. And I don't like that. But I don't know what else to do. Can't sleep because that fucks with my sleeping at night, but that's all layton does when he's here it seems. Would go for a walk, but walking by myself is boring. So I'm stuck in limbo of everything. And that's where the depression comes in. Errr... *cry* Play my ds, play the psp, even try reading books but those are only temporary distractions. Good for maybe 5 minutes at a time. Fucking ADD, you only make my stupid depression symptoms worse.

I've missed carson over the past few days he's been missing. The kid is a pain in the ass sure, but he's still a neat person. I remember last tuesday when I came in and sat down on the couch in the playroom, he came and jumped up on my lap with me and layed down. It made me feel nice. I had to tell the other kids not to touch or bug him because he was being good and quiet which is so unusual for him. Later in the day he ended up being a total horror, but for the time it was really nice. :) I try not to pick on him too much but it's hard when he refuses to listen.

Spent most of my morning making freezer jelly again. I am soooo sick of it now and hope I don't have to make more tomorrow. Apparently it didn't get done over the weekend. Today's lunch was really good. Charlene gave me a chicken roll, and I normally hate chicken. It was a roll stuffed with chicken and mayonnaise and then baked. She makes her own foods. It's made me appreciate homemade bread when it's made the way it's supposed to be. Used to hate the stuff when I was younger but then I suppose things change.

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