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Yeah, so people are assholes. Apparently one of the parents, a guy of course, had a problem with me but didn't say anything. Instead he walked around the house to spy on me with his kid after he dropped him off. I had no idea that there was a problem. He asked if I had room for one more, dropped the baby off with me while I was outside and then left I thought. Brilliant. Mother fucker. If he didn't trust me he probably shouldn't have given me the kid in the first place. OR he could have talked to me. Anyway, charlene told me about that and, blah blah blah, work clothes. My fucking appearance isn't that odd looking. Seriously. Black jeans, regular black tee and a hoodie. Nothing sharp, pointy, graphic or disturbing. The weirdest thing I probably have to wear is the cat collar on my wrist, but I noticed it keeps the really small rolly kids occupied when I have to change diapers. And I would also like to say I have a very minimal amount of non-black clothing items. 3 shirts I think (actually, thinking about it it might only be 2) and one pair of pants. Half the time I don't know where they are.

Charlene was saying all sorts of weird shit to me when she was talking about all this. Like all the people who 'look like me' that she's seen have been something crazy all-kids-must-die crap. I got very confused by that. I don't know ANY gothy persons who are violent towards anyone, least of all kids. That was so fucking insulting to hear.

I really don't know why I should have to change for anyone. There is nothing wrong with how I am and that is completely unacceptable in my mind. These fucking people are lucky I have the curtosy to cover up my tattoo. Judging someone based on what they wear is the exact same as judging someone because of what religion they practice or what color skin they have.

Yesterday layton and I went out bowling with christina. I suck, but it was fun. When I stopped caring, after I got a few drinks in me, I got a little better and actually started hitting the pins, but for the most part it was misses. After that layton and I drove around for a bit. Sort of tried to find game farm park but the drunk guy in layton's back seat was being drunk and didn't get us there, not to the front anyway, so we ended up just dropping him off out in the middle of auburn. Tried to navigate our way back to kent from wherever the hell we were and then possibly to find a room for the night. Found kent, but no rooms and we tried a million different places. We both ended up going back to our homes.


I'm tired now.

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