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Why meeeee???

Only had 5 kids today versus the regular 10 so I suppose that made it a lot better, but it was still pretty insane and stupid. Felt like everyone but Jackson was trying to make up for the missing people. He was the only one who behaved. Madyline (I don't know how to spell her name) was acting up a lot. She has been really weird for the past couple days. I don't get why. Normally she's really nice and helpful but today I was forced to send her in the house. I had kicked her off the swings twice for doing things she shouldn't and the last time she stood next to her brother and was reaching her arm out to grab it. Eventually she did catch him and he twisted over in her direction. It scared me because I thought he might have kicked her in the head, but I guess it was a narrow miss. I had enough of her BS so I sent her in the house. Tyler, her brother, followed her in. It's nice having Tyler and Maddy around. Don't like having to call charlene on the walkie-talkie to get water for everyone so one of them usually runs in the house to get it.

Yesterday I was certified, today I turned in my application and then found out that I'm not done yet. Fucking bullshit. I have to get a TB test and until I fill out and get a criminal history check I can't be alone with the kids. Cuz yeah, I kinda intentionally forgot to tell everyone that I'm all creepy, child molestery, I'll beat and slowly poison your kids and then when you're not looking I'll sacrifice them to moloch. /sarcasm Stupid fucking legalese. The stupid lady should have sent the forms to charlene for me a long time ago. I could have had it done by now, but now because I couldn't I have to make lunches as well as beds and I really hope I don't have to make breakfast. I would rather walk over broken light-bulbs. *grumble* And along with all that crap, I have to take a 20 hour course on only god knows what. 20-fucking-hours. WTF?! Certification just isn't enough.

Don't think I'm going to be able to get sleep tonight. Layton let me fall asleep on him earlier. I tried really hard not to but he was just so comfortable and I was so tired that I couldn't help it. So now that's really going to fuck with me for the rest of the night. Peaches. Wish I had someone to sleep with. I have so much trouble falling asleep on my own and have found it's easier to fall asleep when there are people sleeping next to me.

And as much as I would love to be able to take my lemons and make mead I can't. Instead I had to take charlene's nectarines and make freezer jam. As nice as it is, it's no substitute. *sigh*

Picture of the day: Joe's truck