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Was hoping to be able to watch millennium actress but that's not going to happen. Finley has once again taken over the tv for the night and I'm too tired. Have been struggling with kids all day and the idea of fighting with finley just to use the tv for a stupid hour since so fucking selfish has me to the point where I just want to cry. And wouldn't you know it, carson john was a royal pain in the ass. I'm really not going to be downstairs all that long tonight anyway. Will probably go to bed at 10 or so. So much shit is happening tomorrow. There's the show, someone is coming to certify me and I was late today due to a odd dream. It was one of the ones that makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack when I wake up. I have a couple books I have to go over so whatever. I'm done.

I am never making lunch to take to work, and if that ever did end up happening it's never going to be a blt. If I do I'll know that's the day the world ends.

Picture of the day: lord of the rings