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Ungh. Just thinking about work tomorrow, and for the rest of the week for that matter, has me wanting to just fall over and die right here. Layton and I have been out most of the day. Went down to cornucopia days in downtown kent. It was pretty nice. I asked layton a couple requests, wanted to go to a bookstore and look at some stuff, but he really didn't say much outside of no, so after the first couple times I stopped. It just got too uncomfortable. Eventually he decided he wanted to get me something and picked up a blue 3 headed water dragon. I want to call it a hydra, but I'm pretty sure it's not. Doesn't matter anyway. Layton got about an hour to sleep when we got back to my house before we went to pick up james from work. James wanted to go get some alcohol, but liquor stores are closed on sunday, so after I told him I gave him some of what I had and he gave me 15 dollars. At my insistance of course. He took the vodka and bloody mary mix. I was also able to get finely's birthday gift, the zombie survival guide, while we were out. Ran around halfway to everywhere before going back to barnes and noble to get it. I was stupid and didn't realize that, it being a book, would be right there. How stupid am I. James was the one who pointed that out. Layton also picked up the game informer that we've not ever gotten even once since we got that stupid card from gamestop.

I really hope carson john doesn't give me too much trouble tomorrow. I just want to have a nice easy day. Please gods, give me that much. On friday he tried to break one of the windows out of the play house. Destructive little brat. He's so cute despite what a huge handful he is.

Picture of the day: A Portrait Of Andrea