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When it rains it pours.

Ahm sho shpoiled. ^_^ My parents and grandparents are great. I've only recently been able to come to appreciate it though. My mom got me a job and told me my grandma and grandpa were going to let me use my grandmas car. The pea soup green one. A 1977 dodge colt? My mom was saying they felt like they have too many vehicles or something. May be true. And then she went all morbid on me and started talking about people dying and not having to worry about where stuff is going to go. Anyway, I've been having a lot of nice stuff happen this month. I don't think I would really use the car for much. Just driving to and from work, and maybe to go visit james. Maybe not though. Have to get my license first. And hopefully insurance wouldn't cost too much.

Carson John tried to bust one of the windows out of the playhouse. Right before chris came out to take over. I yelled at him and told him to get out of there and that he knows better. If anyone else had been out there he would have been busted so fast his head would spin. After work yesterday my mom and I stopped by a garage sale that we saw on the way to. It was good. I got a nice dvd player for 20 dollars, they had two. Works great and looks nice. It's super thin so I can stick it on top of my tv without any problems. Now I'm not going to depend on the ps2 or xbox to play my dvds now and I can take the xbox out of my room. Think I'm going to need to get some sticky rubber feet to put on the bottom of it so it won't slide around. My mom a fountain for herself and my brother a stereo system. It looks like mine. Less noisy when changing cds though I think.

Been looking through my dark crystal book at designs for a tattoo again. They're all so pretty, but terribly complex. Brian Froud is a really great and amazing artist. Hopefully I'll have a lot more ink before the end of the year.

Got run lola run from gruv yesterday between seeing roz and musicwerks and getting some hot mamas pizza for dinner.

I had a lot of fun at the mercury last night. I hadn't enjoyed myself like that for awhile. Also the first time layton and I have stayed there all night. Robin bought me my third bloody mary. Last drink I had for the night. I got fairly smashed, always forgetting how alcohol affect me. Had fun playing with the internet on my ds. It's really not as bad as I expected. I guess I just heard so much stuff from people that it made me think it would be a lot worse. Had at least 3 different guys hitting on me. I don't really get why. I'm not that attractive. Really. I swear.

Picture of the day: dios del fuego