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So tiiired.

The sky is grumbly. It sounds so nice. Wish that thunder storms would last longer than 5 minutes. I find them to be very soothing when I'm agitated. And I'm oh so agitated right now.

Working by myself for 3 hours. 11 to 1. I think I can panic now. And it's friday the 13th. Hmmm, I hope this works ok. I don't know or get what to do. Mom is giving me her bag... but I don't know what to do!

Do they have any ds games that would work for a 3 year old? 3 to 5 anyway. That would require no reading, or something speaking along with the reading that would be going on, and very simple puzzleworks and gameplay. I was talking to james about it yesterday, he has no idea, but was telling me how kids would break it. I said no and he told of how all the kids he sees are constantly dropping things. My response, "All the kids you're going to have to be around are idiots." And they're spoiled rotten too. :d

I think I should probably go and get something to eat now. My tummy is grumbly like the sky. I'm not sure what. Maybe noodles. Yeah. Noodles might be nice.

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