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Nice warm but not so nice sun. Visited james today. Won't be down there again for another two weeks or so. Maybe more. I don't know. Towards the end of the day he got more and more fidgety and anxious because his dad comes home after 5, from what I've seen closer to 6, and layton didn't getting off until 6 today. Eventually I went and sat outside to wait, and I guess it was a good thing because 5 minutes or so before layton got there his dad came home. After that layton took me out to get the stuff I asked him to get yesterday. A little pint bottle of vodka and of jager. Didn't much help since I had no want for it anymore. But maybe I'll save it for later.

James' new bed, I got to see it and it's very nice, made me realize why I don't like to be in beds up off the floor too far when they have to be. I guess I have a fear of falling out of or rolling off them. So damn klutzy.

And my chi-chan dvd came. Came with a little signed movie thing and a flip book. Not without it's problems though. It won't play after episode 3. Not sure what to do about it. The DS case I bought from angie_in_the_oc came too along with the wrist band to cover up my wrist when I got to work.

And speaking of work. I'ma have to go in at 9 tomorrow. Don't know when I'm getting off and I hope I won't be too tired to go out tomorrow night. We're also having shower problems so I don't know if I'll be able to get one after I get home. Actually that's an understatement. Someone took the shower head off. My dad I'd think, but I wouldn't put it past my mom not to do something like that.

Picture of the day: Pulled in all Directions