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Salt and pepper shakers.

I don't know what to say right now. I'm fairly pissed off at more than a couple people. Sick and tired of bullshit, lies and apologies. Because I mean really, we both know you're full of shit when you say you're sorry. If you really WERE sorry you would make an effort to change that which you are apologizing for. But you're not. And chances are you probably never will. So do us both a favor and either shut the fuck up about it LIKE I ASK, or if you feel you can't then just get out of my life and don't ever talk to me again because I really don't want to hear it. It got old a long time ago.

Fuck. I had to get that out of my system because I'm really tired of repeating it. Moving on.

The other movie that layton got yesterday was old boy. We watched it today, was really weird. Neat, but weird. Mom, dad and finley took the dog with when they left. So nice for me. Means I won't have to remember and then forget to feed him. He never eats his damn food as it is. Whenever I look at his food dish, when mom goes missing and I have to feed him, he doesn't eat. I'll end up just feeding him once a day. He hates that dog food.

Layton is going to come and spend the night tomorrow. He's taken tuesday off. Asked roz if she wanted to hang out, but I have a feeling she won't because she hasn't said anything to him about it, returned any of his messages or his phone calls. I didn't even get what she was talking about this morning when I was on the phone with her. Think she was drunk and I was really tired so it wasn't a coherent conversation. Layton had been texting me all night letting me know everything he was doing and that happened. He lost his hat at the noc noc, actually we think it was stolen so if anyone sees it up there in seattle please snatch it back, he went back to a hotel with a chick but shit happened and he couldn't do it, and then he went to musicwerks at 4 in the morning which is when I talked to roz.

I need to go to the health food store and get some thayers slippery elm lozenges. They're tasty and make my throat feel a million times better. And the best part. I don't have to regulate how often I use them. Use freely. ^_^

Picture of the day: Femme Fatale