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*cough* *hack* *wheeze*

Someone left the door open and now the house is filled with a million and one mosquitos. Annoying as all shit because they're all face dive-bombers. I think my dad did it. He's always leaving the fucking door open, which is ironic because he used to complain a million times over when we would.

Everyone is leaving tomorrow. I'll gets the house all to myself until they get back on the 4th. James is supposed to be getting a mattress tomorrow too. Long overdue. He's been sleeping on a box spring since his move into the other place. Ouch.

Layton is out at the noc noc for the night. He called me earlier but was drunk and going off on a tangent so I couldn't say what I wanted to. I wanted to tell him that james said something about going out next weekend if he's not working... and something else I've forgotten. Earlier in the day he went back to gamestop, I went yesterday while layton went to another store to get cups, and got locoroco exchanged. James had given me a demo disk. He also went to gruv for me and looked for some movies. I didn't expect him to find any, and he didn't. Just mirrormask. I thought it was kinda odd that they didn't have kill bill vol. 1 or 2 there. I've ordered dead leaves because it sounded really interesting to me. I likes my art films. One of the movies I asked for him to look for but really didn't think he would find. And he didn't, no big surprise. I'm trying to take a little break from anime. It's so hard!

The mercury has wi-fi, eryc told me (I had always wondered but never really bothered to check it out myself), and so I played around with it a little on pokemon, so I've started thinking about getting the ds web browser again. Don't care if it sucks, I don't want to carry around my psp as well as ds just for the internet.

And my brother is currently channel surfing. Apparently there is nothing on. Told him to go to bed. Back and forth between 5 different channels. I hate it when he does that because I can't think. I hate summer vacation. The time when I would normally get the tv is now his time. So when layton's not on it, he is. I don't get to see anything that I want to anymore, and the only stuff I want to see is on at night. X-files and what-nots.

Think I'm going to go to bed now. Tired and I didn't get much sleep this morning.

Picture of the day: Trotman Bridge 2