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Eee, tired.

Well, that was fun I guess. Was up at 7:00 this morning to go to work. It ended up being a 9 hour day. Oh so long. I think the highlight (as mean as it was, but he did deserve it) was when I got to kick Carson John, the troublemaker, off the swings and into the house. He was continually saying things that he shouldn't have and he was warned not to. I told him if I heard it one more time he was in the house. And lo and behold, he started swinging again, first swing up and out of his mouth comes stuff he shouldn't be saying. I stopped him right then and there, asked him what he said, and after about 5 minutes of run around he said it again and I told him he was off and gone. Now, I personally couldn't care less how many times he said fart and poop and whatever the hell else, but everyone else does so that in turn has forced me into caring. And he is only 3 or 4 so I guess it makes sense. You don't really want to have a kid who, when he's 7, swears like a sailor. It gets a little repetitive and annoying anyway. Carson John and another kid, Tyler, who was making me chase him around told me my shirt, the zombies one, and lunchbox, edward scissorhands roz gave me, were scary. I wtf'd the lunchbox because edward scissorhands is awesome and not scary at all. And I tried to explain it... but kids. Eh.

The last time I had to chase tyler around I managed to slide on the wet grass and mud and then fell backwards. I suppose I got lucky though because I was right next to a fence when it happened. Grabbed on, managed to keep from hitting the ground, felt my left shoulder and right elbow pop in the process (hurt like a bitch) and told tyler I was done. It was too dangerous. My mom saw it and sort of freaked. Asked me 5 different times if I was ok. Kept saying I was fine, but But I managed to keep from getting all muddy. ^_^ Yay too that. It's worth the pain to stay clean.

When I got home I found the camera layton ordered had come. At first I thought it was the mistake I ordered earlier. Was happy to see it wasn't. Which isn't to say I don't want it, it's just to say I'm happier with the camera. It's nice except for one part. When it turns on it's louder than my original one. The gears and stuff. It's weird. But I know how to turn the sound off totally.

I think the lump in the back of my hand has gotten bigger.

Oh yeah, and I need to sew up an arm something to cover up my arm. :d The tattoo becuase I'm not sure who knows I have it, or how they would react. Not very well I'm sure from the conversation that went on about temporary tattoos and how the main lady, I can't remember her name but it's a boys, didn't want them to be called tattoos because they're unsightly and disgusting or something. Whatever. She is like 50 billion years old and hecka religious. *cough*andannoying*cough*

Picture of the day: Green Lights