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fat off ice cream

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I poke fun at you and your fat ass. Is that all you eat? Jeeze. You look disgusting. Yech. Go eat a salad porky.


I feel fat and pukey. I ate all my ice cream and my mom gave me the rest of hers. Too much. And yeah, I've pretty much recovered from yesterday. Mostly anyway. Ok, not really, but I'm able to fake it again. Oh yeah. And I'm so damn good, you couldn't tell the difference if my life depended on it. Which, funny thing, it does.

Finley had a bunch of his friends come over and they're all currently congregated in the living room playing pokemon and half screaming so I've been forced to turn up my cd player full. Very loud, and yet still only partially drowns them out. I cry now.

I have no idea what layton is doing but I assume he's having fun because he hasn't called me all day. Well, there was once, but that was at 3:30ish and because I called him. Other than that I got one text at 9:54 saying "Alice by Spunkmeier = movie at merc search plzx," which I did with no success even with changing it to spunkmeyer. Ok, so I really didn't search that hard, but that's just because I'm going to have to get more details from him tomorrow. I'm not going to search that hard when more than half my results are about otis spunkmeyer or something to do with genealogy. Maybe he's found a hot chick and they're out doing it. :P Hey, I can dream can't I?

I somehow managed to get stuck on super paper mario today and even looking up a guide didn't help. <.< >.> Then I decided to follow it to the letter and it made sense. Such an idiot. And speaking of my idiocy, my mom was talking to me about work today. She has a job that she wants to quit and the thinks I would do a good job taking over. I'd make 10 dollars an hour and I could get full days, or part if I really didn't want the fullness. But it's a scary job. Like... I can't even explain how terrifying it would be for me. I'd be working with miniature people. But it's 10 dollars an hour. Flip side, it could send me into a mental f_ing breakdown if I can't take it. I get panic attacks just thinking about it.

Picture of the day: ecstasy.

June 15th for Carrie
I have no doubt, based on your stars today, that you know yourself much better than others do, and can speak for yourself quite well. So feel free to say what's on your mind.

Your self-image is bound to influence the way you express yourself to others today, my dear. I suggest wearing beautiful colors that can best suit your vibrant personality.

I hope you feel the surge of energy surrounding you. It urges you to be attractive and dynamic. Realize that you can make a difference. Focus on your personal goals, my friend.

A challenge faces you, but it's one you can handle. You have what it takes to succeed. Regroup your forces and forge ahead. Once you've built up some momentum, you'll feel more in control.