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Blame it on pms

All the flipping out and crying I did last night, I found out this morning, was well warranted. Mom had locked cryshade in the bunkhouse yesterday sometime, he chased her in there, and forgot about him. If she hadn't remembered and gotten him out before I woke up today I would either have a sick cat, or they would have a broken bunkhouse door or window and be extremely upset at me for it. If he hadn't come up to sleep on my bed for a little bit I would have been out hunting. Everything in my stomach told me something was wrong, I was right, and I kept going over the worst possible things in my head. One of the dogs around here had gotten him, he was kidnapped, hit by a car (though he knows better than to go by the road) or the most extreme and unlikely of possibilities, that he had just up and crawled off to die, no warning. So I was crying a lot last night. Went to bed a little after midnight but couldn't sleep and ended up trying to sedate myself at almost 4 in the morning. Mom had messaged me saying she didn't know where he was and I melted. Took one of my old remeron's, and I guess it worked ok, except for the part where I've spent most of my day feeling high or something. Like everything is underwater, slow or like the days after I OD'd. Every shock or time I'm startled, no matter how small it is, makes me blind for a second or two. But I have my baby back now, so everything is right with the world and I can once again rest easy.

Layton is currently refusing to accept my paying him for FLCL like we agreed to do. It's frustrating to me because when I want to pay for something he refuses to accept payment, and when I don't want to he complains about how much it's going to cost him. Like he can't make up his freaking mind what he wants me to do. Pay. Don't pay. Pay. Don't pay. Gah! Tear out your hair crazy, I just don't get it.

Picture of the day: Witchy Woman