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I don't feel well at all. I'm depressed, have a stomachache and I'm really tired.

Finley is sick. He had a 102 temperature. How exciting. I would really love to not catch it, but he's spreading his sick all over everything and making in next to impossible to get around. I've been stuck at the computer table all day. Except for a little while when layton was here, before he left for the noc noc.

Yesterday was alright. I got a few new shirts and Gruv had Pet Shop of Horrors so layton got it for me to replace the bootleg I have, which I hate. Can't turn the f*ing subtitles off. It's an out of print DVD and expensive as all hell so it was really nice to find. Wasn't sure if 25 dollars was good or not until I looked on half and amazon and saw it for 40 to 50. Something you can only get away with on the internetz. I forgot to ask the guys how much they buy dvd's for. Ah, dumb.

I also managed to fall out of bed and twist my wrist funny a little before layton came over. It hurt to move. And as stupid as that sounds, if you've seen my room, the way it's set up and how messy it is, the fact that happened isn't very surprising. Still stupid though, and I can laugh at myself for it. God I'm an idiot.

Hope everyone is having fun tonight. I'm going to turn in.

Picture of the day: CulT - Psychonauts