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Baby carrots for dinner.

Asked layton today if we could get tacos but it was too far out of his way so no. Figured that was going to be the way it was. That's the way it always is with him unless someone else is involved. I asked james if he wanted to go, because I knew that would get some, but he had to do dishes and return a call. So instead I'm now eating carrots and had a frozen fish stick earlier. Yay me.

I also asked him to get the FLCL ultimate edition but instead he got lain and is now telling me he's going to wait another week. :| I'm thrilled. Wonder what he's going to do next week to push it back yet another.

Took james down Excel Saga and Cat Soup. Got Grave of the Fireflies back. He never ended up watching it. Sucks I guess. He found a lump in the middle of my back right next to my spine. Almost on it. It doesn't feel nice and was hurting when he pushed on it. After enough poking at it, it went numb. Showed it to layton, he thought I should get it checked. My mom said I shouldn't lean on anything and we'll see how it looks in a couple days. Congratulations me again.

Shower is broken. I don't know how many more I'll be able to get. Was almost impossible today. Technically it's not the shower though, it's the pump outside. Shower is just hit the hardest.

Poltergeist is a german word meaning 'noisy ghost.'

Picture of the day: cascade