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Mmmm, poe. Poe and steamboy and metropolis and all sorts of other neat things like sub sandwhiches that you didn't quite want and being ignored because everyone around you is distracted. :d Delicious.

I got what must have been the last nice leathery copy of the complete tales and poems of edgar allan poe from Barnes and Noble. It was 20 dollars. Was wandering around in there while waiting for james to get off work. I saw it and layton bought it. Was weird because I didn't ask, he just did it. They didn't end up having akira, no suprise there because I think the world doesn't want me to see it, but I did see that they had steamboy so I got that instead. Actually I would have gotten it anyway had I known it was there, so it wasn't really an instead. James told me he got metropolis. Only copy apparently. I watched it earlier. Pretty nice. Layton went to best buy after, but being as it was sunday, they were fucking closed early, so we have to go back again tomorrow. Dunno when. I'll probably try and make him go after he comes over so we can just get it out of the way.

Oh yeah, starcraft. Totally forgot. Duh.

I wanna get lain.

Picture of the day: sun In water