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Livejournal ads taste like sawdust. Yum.

Ok, yeah. I really don't like plus accounts. The ads and idea of ads on my page make me feel itchy. Swore I would never use one but I guess I'm going to try it out for a little bit. I'm that damned bored right now. Will probably change it back in 10 minutes or so. Or maybe I'll be able to keep it until I get the other account. Eenywayz... I'll be goofing off with the style and stuff for awhile, so if it looks funny (like this cuteness attack thing) and displeasing (in the long run it just wouldn't work out) don't worry, it'll probably be temporary until I find something I like. I'm just feeling goofy and am in need of a change. I'll go back to being all emoish soon enough.

Layton is out right now. He went up to the noc noc tonight. Funny that I've not heard from him yet. We didn't go anywhere yesterday since he wasn't feeling up to it. Ended up being a good thing because I was on the phone with james most of the night. He was getting frustrated at his computer for not doing what he wanted and I sat there and listened while occasionally mumbling random things and playing gurumin. It was all sorts of tragical or something, his computer not cooperating, not the listening part. Can't remember what he was trying to set up. Stuff for his systems so he can do his things wirelessly. :d Or something. Ha, I suck.

Didn't really want to go with layton to the noc noc because usually when he gets there he will abandon me to go be a social butterfly. So instead I am staying home tonight and working on the scarf that I sort of started awhile ago. It's to the point now where it looks like a big blue yarn square. Mom asked if it was going to be a pot holder. Sure as hell looks like it right now, but no.

Gurumin is cute. James bought it for the psp. Whenever he decides he wants to use it I'll let him take it but right now he's busy with his 360. When he called me today he told me about a sale that gamestop is doing tomorrow, umd's will be 5 dollars, and how he thinks that they might have akira. I told him that was cool and that I would probably try and stop by. Called layton later on to ask if we could go. He wasn't happy about it. Is that really so much to ask? I didn't think so but I guess it is because he is always so angry about stuff like that. When I asked him to take me to the gamestop at target so I could get me and my katamari he sounded like the world was going to end. Told him if he really didn't want to so badly I would just walk or get my mom to take me when she got home from taking finley to the dentist. In the end he did take me, but damn. *eyeroll*

I love my kitty. Bunches. Took him with layton and I on friday to pick up james from work and james gushed all over him. Teased layton some more about cryshade eating his car. He has the biggest paranoid fear about that, cryshade tearing up his leather seats, though kitty knows better than to do that. He's not stupid like most animals. Or did, I don't know if it's so big of a paranoia anymore. Either way it's still fun to sit there and tell him kitty is eating his seats. :)

Got one of the 5 packages I was expecting today. The psp case one. It's really nice. Now I'm just waiting on a memory card, two dvd's and a comic. The comic is the zero issue of steampunk and dvd's are the second disk of 'now and then, here and there' and 'paniponi dash'. Finally got around to ordering it after washing the car yesterday. Pain in the ass. Damn thing is so dirty that some paint will come off while the dirt won't. I was very dissatisfied with my job in the end, but I couldn't do much more and my mom thought it was more than acceptable. Whatever. I got paid.

Bobblehead doll sends 350 workers fleeing
I don't want to go out and look up a picture tonight, so you get a link instead. Eets funny, I swear.