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I had a couple thoughts pop into my head today. The first one being, I recall james saying he was going to open a bank account before he got his 360 and I wonder if he forgot. And that thought triggered another. I bought a psp.


I've never particularly cared for psp's. Hate them actually. Which, don't get me wrong, the idea is nice, what it can do is nice, lots of things about them are nice, but the fact that sony has so very few games for it, that are actually interesting to me let alone period, is not nice. I also hate how when I see owners of them arguing FOR them and bitching about everything else, they get into how the psp can play movies, pictures, music and how everything looks so neat on the screen. They say very little about the games themselves. (Is it perhaps because they don't actually have any?) My response to that is, so does an ipod and I'm not going to buy an ipod so I can play games on it when it's made to be an mp3 player. And then there is my biggest hate of them all. I hate how x is select and o is cancel. That has never made sense to me on ANY of the playstation stuff. EVER! X just looks like it's made to cancel because when you don't want something you x it out, and when you want something you circle it, right? And it makes it so hard when I go back to playing everything else. Especially my ds. I'll start using b to try and select and get confused when it doesn't work or does the exact opposite of what I want. But I went out and bought a psp and now I have to figure out how to get it to change the button selection so x and o are switched around. Goddamnit. And I know I'm going to probably spend more money on the psp it's self, memory, the system, a different shell (I want it to be clear), other random acc's, than I will on games. That's bad. IMO, if you can spend as much on games as you have for the system + extras, it's a good deal. Hopefully those games would actually get played too and wouldn't just be bought for show. Almost 300 dollars in games. That's going to be tough. Suppose if I wanted to be cheap about it I could add up what they cost originally instead of what I actually buy them for. O.O Or download a bunch of emulator games and... hahaha. :)

Ok, anyway. PSP. I need to downgrade it and then upgrade again, but I'm afraid of bricking it somewhere in the middle. That would just fucking suck.

Picture of the day: Steampunk--Elementals