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It's all bullshit. ALL of it.

Yeahhhh... Well, I did it. I took my laptop monies and I bought a psp. Talked to layton, he was ok with the idea, talked to james, he said he would use it too, so I went with it. Out of the 300 I started with, I now have 80 left. Lack of progress makes me very depressed and anxious and as much as I would love to have a computer, it was seriously going fucking nowhere. When I first started saving it seemed to go fairly quickly, but the more time went by the less it got. I think I was only able to put away 20 or so in the past 3 months. Very frustrating. To the point where a lot of the time I would look at it and want to cry from anger.

Yesterday I made a joke to layton about my nuva-ring timer. It was going off and I said "Looks like it's time to take it out and have my period." Was fucking joking... and I guess my body thought that was pretty funny too because I'm 15 fucking days early.

Goddammit. That isn't funny.

Picture of the day: A Flock of Cows