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May. 19th, 2007

Eeeee, tiiiired. But it was fun. Zoo visits are always fun. Would still be out with everyone, christina, kyle and layton, but I'm exhausted. Have a horrible headache too, but I took some advil so hopefully it will go away soon.

Got james a bush baby from the zoo store since he was working today. Doesn't look very bush baby-like, the eyes aren't big enough, but it's still cute. Layton helped since I was only able to pay about 5 dollars of it. Layton also got me a little tiger shoulder bag. I gave him big eyes cuz it was a-dOr-a-ble. O.O Found out a little later though that I'm going ot have to sew up one of it's paws. Glad I saw that so I can fix it now versus later when it starts falling apart and I get upset. Managed to forget my camera so I let layton use my phone. Very poor substitute. :|

After the zoo kyle suggested we go eat at the bamboo garden. It was really good, but I think we got too much. Didn't really think about it or know how big the servings were going to be. But it was all very good regardless.

God, I'm fucking tired and going to forget the rest later, but I'm done.

Picture of the day: Biker Chicks