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The first volume of Paniponi Dash came today. I like the bunny thing, mesousa, he's so adorable and depressed all the time. I have to giggle at him. Got through the first 3 episodes, dragged it down to make layton watch the first, watched the last 2 episodes and now I'm re-watching the first for a third time. The references to everything in it go by so fucking fast sometimes you have to pause just to catch it. I am highly amused. ^_^ And now I have to figure out a way to make 15 or 20 dollars more so I can get the second disk. Layton got the third, after I jokingly asked him to, while we were talking about how I was trying to figure out ways to make money for it. I... don't know why, other than he's too nice. I don't even know how I'm going to get the second one! James also offered to give me money, but I've told him many times in the past that I will not take or ask for any money from him unless the circumstances behind it are very dire and I can turn to no one else. So far that has only happened once and I didn't even end up using it, but he refused to take it back and I didn't want to argue any more than I had to on the subject. James is too nice too.

Asked my mom before she went to bed if she had anything I could do but she couldn't think of anything other than I could wash the vehicles for 5 each... but I hate washing anything other than myself, my clothes and my bed-stuffs. Suppose I wouldn't care so much about washing the car or jeep if I could do it in the middle of the night... but I can't. It gets too dark and cold then so I would have to do it mid-day when the sun is out all shiny and bright. Ewwww. Sun. Yucky! Even sunscreen wouldn't be able to protect me since I would be getting all wet. Would all wash off. :( Hey, I know, I could go out and strip or something! I wonder how much I could get paid to do that...

Ha. Moving on.

Todd, the idiot dog, has to go in for another operation on his ear again. This time it's the right one. Same reason as last time. It's all swollen and poofy with blood. Disgusting. Mom thinks it's because he likes to charge the door when people are coming and going. Like he'll never be able to get out of the house if he doesn't. The first time it happened, with his left ear, I think it was because he flailed his head and it hit a tree or something. I dunno. That dog is just dumb as rocks and probably makes it look like we don't like to take care of him. He's fat, lazy, likes to chew on rocks and has worn away all his front teeth from it, acts like he never gets attention and has beat up both his ears. They're both going to be weird and deformed now. Poor puppy.

Visited james today. Gave him a bunch of pokemon and helped him get a spiritomb. He helped me to get one as well. :) It was a bit of work. When layton picked me up we all went to the store. Layton was insistent upon getting me milk. James got himself some ice cream while layton picked up a pizza and some weird experiment chips that doritos made. They're called X-13D. Tastes fucking odd, but whatever works.

Christina's birthday is tomorrow. Layton's is the day after. Crap. Happy birthday everyone.

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