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Ok, so I hope that bit of drama is over. I found out while going through my prior calls list that that brilliant fucking... girl I think... has called me before. On the 27th and was one of the 3 people that has hung up right as I've answered. There is a reason why I asked after my phone went funny for numbers back. Anyway, I ended up sending a message back to the person telling them that whomever they thought they I was, I wasn't, and to erase my phone number off that phone.

I really just can't appreciate rude calls from numbers I don't know.

Oh, how my head hurts. I think I'm starting to get a sore throat too. Odd since I've not been around anyone with any sort of sick. In fact, other than the show on saturday, I've just about barricaded myself in my house. Maybe it's the grapefruit. Ha, that's such a stretch.

Hope layton knows what he's doing. And I hope he's doing it for the right reasons.

I feel kind of dumb for saying this but I've been watching a little bit of pucca over the past week or so... and I find it cute and funny. And now I feel all sorts of weird.

Soooomeone needs to fly a kiiiite with meeeeeee. I found a kite while walking down to james' house on tuesday. I wanted to take it with me, but it was really beat up and I didn't want to drag it the rest of the way there.

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