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I got a package today. It was and was not, all at the same time, what I was expecting. Mmmm... package... paper. Yummy. Ha. Anyway, it was super paper mario for the wii. She asked me when she called if I wanted it. I dunno, I guess I just didn't expect for her to follow through. A flaw of mine. Don't ever expect that anyone will do what they say. Like with layton, he'll tell me that he'll call me back later and never end up doing it. Frustrates me to all hell since it usually keeps me up until 5 in the morning on saturdays when I don't go out with him. Last time that happened he sent me a text message at 4 in the morning and then promptly shut off his phone since 'didn't want to wake me.' It 'woke' me. I was barely sleeping as it was so I don't know how his sending me a text would have any less of a non-wakey effect on me. Anyway, yeah. Short of the story is, it bothers me when people don't do what they say and no one ever does what they say they will, so when they do, I'm in shock.

Visited james today. Fun, fun. Played pokemon with him so he could get his 50 flags. Took down the 4th Excel Saga too. Guess he had managed to watch the third one last time I took them down to him. Borrowed a stylus there. Don't know if he's going to want it back. Probably not.

Blech. I also tried to talk to layton about getting me back on some sort of birth control again. He half-freaks whenever I bring it up, but this time I asked which expense he would rather pay. The one every day for the rest of his life, or the one once a month until someone can get 'fixed.' I would be more than happy to have the option open to have kids eventually, but I know that will probably never happen as he loathes the idea. If he spots anyone under the age of 14 he runs the other way. It's kinda ridiculous and hella annoying for me, but I live. It's a small flaw that I can get over if I don't think too much about it. One of these days though I am just going to lose it and lock him in a house or cage with every kid I can find until he gets over it.

Blah, blah, blah.

This is awesome.

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