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Ok, first off I would like to say, I don't like peer pressure. I also don't like when people come down on me and my stuff because it's not the 'latest and (supposedly) greatest.' I'm happy with what I have, it works perfectly for me and saying "I'm glad I waited" makes me want to punch your lights out. Or kick you in the groin, whatever works better. Because really, at the point when I got it, there was no waiting because no one knew that anything BUT that existed. And I'm not going to trade up because it's 'cool' when what I have works more than perfect. So do me a favor, STFU.

That being said, layton did something I specifically asked him not to do because I knew he would. I should have realized he wouldn't listen. Yeah... now I'm not sure what to do or think. I don't even know if I want to open it, I'm so uncomfortable with the idea. He got me a pink ds lite. Yay I guess. I just asked him not to, and he didn't listen. I was going to wait until my ds died or became some sort of unusable and unpleasant for me to have. My big huge 'brick' fits perfect and snug in everything too. My favorite pair of pants' side pocket, my flcl bag's front mesh pocket, my purse... Everything. I dunno. Whatever. I'm not unhappy with it. It's fine, I'll learn to love it like I do my other one. Thank you layton.

Layton and I went up to seattle today since he took the day off for me. Thought roz might want a ride, so he called her to ask, but I guess she wasn't going because she has some show she's going to see tomorrow. If I had seen her, I probably would have given her my elfin lied since I got a brand new box of it today. Got perfect blue too. It was the only thing I could afford in gruv after elfin lied that I had an interest in. And we visited zanadu comics and I was, most awesomely, able to finish off the escaflowne manga collection. Had the first 5, found 6, 7 and 8 at the comic store. Whee. Been half-assed looking for them forever. Whenever I'm in a store that sells mangas that's the first thing I would do a search for. And now I don't have to search any longer. Yay me.

You know, it would almost be funny if it weren't sad how very little I see of roz anymore.

My mom said it was april 25th 1907 today. Yeah, I fucking WISH it were 1907. That would be the shit.

Picture of the day: Aragorn