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I am so fucking exhausted and I feel like someone punched me in the stomach. Can't sleep on it, hurts me too much. Have a doctors appointment on monday or something, but it's for something else completely. Have to get my ID renewed too. Wah, or something.

Been watching my food intake and seeing how my weight gains and losses are. That thingie over the weekend was just too scary. I thought I was going to die or something. I want to get a digital thermometer now.

James finally figured out when my birthday is. Took him long enough. :) He's damned me a lot. I wasn't exactly being helpful with it though. Once, a couple days ago, it was june 11th.

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops
I'm just taking the cats out for a walk...
FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional
Cat saves family from poisonous fumes

Picture of the day: Wicked in White