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Yeah well, fuck you too.

I'm having a really depressing day I think. Layton wants to see grindhouse at the drive in later but his radio likes to crap out after about a minute. I've been trying to get ahold of mom so I can try and find out where her ac adapter car plug in is, so we can take a radio, but she's not answering her phone. I've called her a million times now. Every time it's the same shit. "Hello, you have reached the voice-mailbox of 253-334-" and then I hang up. Why isn't she answering her fucking phone? *sigh*

Earlier in the day I abandoned my computer, to go upstairs and play resident evil 4. See how many times I could die and how much worse I could make myself feel. 10 times within 10 seconds of each restart, in case anyone cares, before I got a random where wannabe wolverine didn't jump down in the cage and cut my head off. Took my phone upstairs in case layton decided to call me back, which he didn't. Forgot that aim was signed on and I guess james said hi. Layton came up and told me when he came over, 20 minutes after the hi. I apologized to james about it, but I guess he didn't see it or perhaps didn't care because another 20 minutes later, after my apology, he was gone without another word. Probably deserved that. Just feels better and better.

I'm not hungry and when I do force myself to it makes me feel like I'm going to be very sick.

To the point now where I want to cry. Feels like I can't get anything right.

I'm going to go smoke and sleep or something before we go. Tired.

Picture of the day: Blue Flower.