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Doesn't get much better than this

I am lonely. And bored. Layton has abandonded me and I now have no one to talk to. Again. He was here for maybe an hour and a half. Didn't say much, didn't do much. He brought me over a sandwich from subway, so I guess I won't be ramening myself to death this weekend but I'm also sure by the week's end my vocal cords will have atrophied and I will then be forced to learn sign language.

Asked him yesterday if he would go through my games with me today after he got off work, to help me pick out one to do. And that, not surprisingly, didn't happen so now I have to do it on my own. I was trying to play trauma center last night but it wasn't going well. I'm still stuck on chapter 2 op 9 and I still can't do shit in time. In fact, I seem to be worse now than when I left off. Just can't do it no matter how many times and how hard I try. Has me so fucking frustrated I want to scream and gives me physical urges to put the stylus through my hand. Crazy. I wish there was an easier way to go about it.

If I could find my gameboy I would probably play something on that. Wish I hadn't lost clue. I'd play that if I had it.

Picture of the day: vampire anatomy_2