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Home alone. Whee.

Layton has taken finley to see 300. He wanted me to go with but I don't want to waste his money. He could use it on something else. My mom thought it was nice of him, to take finley, but layton and I both know that's the only way finley is going to be able to see it and it's a good movie that he should be able to see.

Was going to dye my hair tomorrow but then I started half thinking and thought, fuck it. Then I remembered right after I got started why I was waiting. :) And by the time I remembered it was too late so I just finished it. No point in wasting dye. I'm glad to have my hair one solid color again.

My minutes are out again. Surprise, surprise. I thought my mom was joking when texted that to me. Nope. Apparently not. WTF? Two weeks and 3 days. Fuck. My phone has become a pager again.

Finley and mom are leaving for california tomorrow. Early in the morning and I'm not sure when they'll be back. If they're going for a couple days or for more than a week. Should probably ask sometime...

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